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Macro Mediterranean is a meal delivery service dedicated to holistic nutrition and providing people with a healthy, fresh, and balanced diet. We understand that all dietary needs are different and can vary over time, which is why we offer a range of plans and custom plans. Our pre-designed meal plans include Balanced Week, Balanced Weight Loss, Intensive Weight Loss, Cooking Support, and Balanced Lunches or Dinner.

If you choose to build your own custom meal plan you are able to select dishes from all of our current season’s five available menus (one of the 5 rotating menus is available each week).

Our different plans offer gluten free options, healthy breakfasts and snacks, and meals that are designed to give you energy or help you lose weight.

Designing your meal plan is the most difficult part, once that’s done we will take care of the rest by delivering fresh, delicious meals to you each week. And don’t worry, we constantly rotate the meals and make sure to give our customers consistent variety with their food.

We believe that a fresh, healthy, plant based diet can help you reach your goal weight, maintain or regain your health, and keep you energized and full of nutrients.
We have testimonials from clients such as Alec Baldwin who claims that eating our balanced and fresh ingredients was the key to his weight loss.

Eating Macro-Mediterranean is a way to improve your long term health. Quick and easy diets aren’t healthy and won’t give you the long lasting weight stability and health you’re trying to achieve.

Using a healthy meal delivery service gives you the opportunity to regain the traditional flavors and nutrients found in fresh ingredients, something that we often disregard or don’t have the time for in our modern day busy schedules.

Get back to your roots and start eating well. It’ll change your quality of life. We guarantee it!

What Is The Macro-Mediterranean Diet?
After many years of research and practice we strongly believe that the combination of macrobiotic diet principles with varied, traditional diets such as the Mediterranean Diet can be the key to achieving long-lasting, healthful and enjoyable diet change. Macro-Mediterranean is a term we use to describe this approach to nutrition and our design of meals balancing health benefits with taste and enjoyability.

Taking Macrobiotics Further
Macrobiotics, in and of itself, sometimes has a reputation of being a restrictive diet and can also be a stretch for some western palates. This is why the approach we have developed is based upon parallels between macrobiotics, credible studies in nutritional science and what is known about successful traditional patterns of eating.

Integration Provides Satisfaction
By using this multi-faceted approach to the challenge of helping people to transition to more healthful ways of eating, we are able to offer more variety and moderation than any one of these single approaches would allow. Most importantly this approach allows us to design meals and menus that are exciting and enjoyable to eat while actively promoting better health.

Why Meal Delivery?

Macro-Mediterranean Holistic Nutrition was founded originally to provide nutritional counseling and tools to help people living modern lives to learn to re-incorporate meals that used traditional ingredients. What we quickly came to realize was that there is a simple reason many traditional ingredients and food preparation practices have fallen by the wayside as our societies have modernized: Time, or lack of it.

The Healthiest Diets Were Prepared Communally
Traditional diets, like the Mediterranean Diet, many Asian diets, South American diets, and others, have been shown clearly in nutritional studies to be some of the healthiest diets developed in recent history. These diets were created in societies that cooked communally and placed much more importance on devoting daily time to food planning and preparation. As our societies have become more complex and days more full of stress and non-home related work, we have been required to minimize food preparation time, eating fast-food on the run or cooking much simpler, less balanced meals at home.

Traditional Ingredients and Cooking Methods Take Time
The reasons behind why this happened are complex and for another discussion, but the practical issue is that it has become difficult to use traditional ingredients that require soaking or extensive chopping, multiple preparation steps, and boiling or baking for a long period of time. With most people's home time reduced, who would want to choose hours in the kitchen over spending time with children, loved ones, or pursuing a hobby or just simply relaxing from a stressful day.

Modern Life Allows Less Time For Cooking
With the creation of frozen dinners, restaurant choices and otherwise easy to procure and prepare foods, created not with health in mind, but minimizing planning and cooking times, society has shifted to require us to rely on them for our nourishment. When was the last time you told your boss you couldn't stay late because you needed time to make dinner, much less that you really should leave early to be able to prepare an optimal meal?

We Help Make Traditional Meals Easy
Macro-Mediterranean evolved into a meal delivery service because we saw a clear need to re-establish a way for people to get traditional, complex, healthful foods, that were easy to procure and only required re-heating for the end user. It really makes sense to move back to a communal or village cooking model as our societies have embraced specialization and effiency as this allows the preparation of food to a high health standard without needing to cut corners because of time constraints.

Our Training Lets Us Take Things Further
Our training in nutrition put us in the unique position to create foods for the meal service that go beyond just not being unhealthy, but rather actively promoting increased energy, weight-maintenance and better health. True fuel for a modern society that requires prepared meals that help minimize sick time while maximizing energy and the body's performance and stamina.

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Study of our Meals

Between January 21 and February 17, 2009 participants in Macro-Mediterranean meal delivery agreed to be formally studied in a doctor overseen study to help us clearly establish some of the benefits of eating Macro-Mediterranean. This study was called The Macro-Mediterranean "Yes You Can" Study and was overseen by Dr. Kathryn Hayward.

To learn more about the study results and the benefits of eating Macro-Mediterranean, please go here and also watch our video testimonials to hear results directly from the participants.

Hilaria & Alec Baldwin

Alec & Hilaria Baldwin Love Macro-Mediterranean Meals!

The food at Macro-Mediterranean is not only delicious, but it nurtures our bodies, keeping us looking and feeling good. It really is the most intelligent way to eat.. lots of whole grains, veggies and good proteins. Eating the Macro-Mediterranean way has been key to Alec's weight-loss.. Read More
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Nancy discusses with Maureen, her Pilates instructor, the changes Maureen saw in Nancy after she adopted a Macro-Mediterranean way of eating and the chronic arthritis pain that had plagued Nancy for years, went away.

George discusses with us his first 10 days receiving meal delivery and how he lost 11 lbs. George is a Type II diabetic and he also was surprised to find that from day 1 his blood glucose levels were not only consistently well inside doctor recommended safety zones (a new experience for him), but were lower than he has ever seen during his 12 years of trying to use diet change to help control his diabetes. NEW: See George's timeline of improvement, click here!

Debra started eating Macro-Mediterranean having a history of serious depression. She also has Type II Diabetes. In this short video she describes how 10 days participating in the Macro-Mediterranean "Yes You Can" Study has provided health improvements and given her a new outlook for the future.

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