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The Macro-Mediterranean Diet & Healthy Meal Delivery Service
After 15 years of research, personal practice, feeding people, and watching clients achieve their health goals, we know that our unique approach to designing meals by combining macrobiotics and traditionally healthy diets such as the Mediterranean Diet is the key to making satifying meals we will truly look forward to eating each day that also provide rapid, tangible health benefits.

We created a food delivery service to be able to easily provide the experience of eating these meals to anyone who would like to feel how good eating a traditional, balanced diet can be without needing to have the time to cook all these meals at home.

Two Easy Ways To Order
Choose The One That Is Right For You
Order A Meal Plan
Meal plans make ordering simple
Order A La Carte
A la carte gives you lots of control

How To Order A Meal Plan:

  1. Choose a plan type below and find the plan you want to order based on the amount of food provided.
  2. Setup a one-time or recurring order*.
  3. Tell us any dislikes or allergies.

What we do to make things simple:

  1. We select the menu for you.
  2. We vary the menu week to week.
  3. We rotate 5 different menus each season.
  4. We take into account your meal plan goals.
  5. Dislikes and allergies can be accommodated in most plans.

How To Order A La Carte:

  1. Select each dish you want to order directly from each week's menu.
  2. View nutrition and allergy information to inform your choices.
  3. Choose a one-time or recurring order*.

What we do to give you lots of options:

  1. We provide 5 different menus with 9 items each that rotate during each season. That means 20 menus per year and over 180 rotating options!
  2. We also have breakfasts, desserts, snacks and side dishes that can be added to any order.
  3. If you have specific dietary needs but want some help, our nutrition consultants can work with you to create your custom menu. Contact our nutrition consultants.

*No subscription is ever required. You must select a recurring order explicitly. The recurring order option is available only as an ordering convenience.

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Study of our Meals

Between January 21 and February 17, 2009 participants in Macro-Mediterranean meal delivery agreed to be formally studied in a doctor overseen study to help us clearly establish some of the benefits of eating Macro-Mediterranean. This study was called The Macro-Mediterranean "Yes You Can" Study and was overseen by Dr. Kathryn Hayward.

To learn more about the study results and the benefits of eating Macro-Mediterranean, please go here and also watch our video testimonials to hear results directly from the participants.

About Macro-Mediterranean's Healthy Food Service
Macro Mediterranean is a meal delivery service dedicated to holistic nutrition and providing people with a healthy, fresh, and balanced diet. We understand that all dietary needs are different and can vary over time, which is why we offer a range of plans and custom plans. Every one of our 20 seasonal, rotating menus, with a a combined total of over 180 options, can adapt to a wide variety of dietary requirements including vegetarian diets, vegan diets, plant-based diets, Engine 2 diets, Mediterranean diets, macrobiotic diets, gluten-free diets, heart healthy meals, diabetes reversal diets, low-cholesterol diets, Dr Mcdougall diets, Dr Ornish diets and many others.

Learn more about Macro-Mediterranean Healthy Meal Delivery

Hilaria & Alec Baldwin

Alec & Hilaria Baldwin Love Macro-Mediterranean Meals!

The food at Macro-Mediterranean is not only delicious, but it nurtures our bodies, keeping us looking and feeling good. It really is the most intelligent way to eat.. lots of whole grains, veggies and good proteins. Eating the Macro-Mediterranean way has been key to Alec's weight-loss.. Read More
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More Testimonials

Arthritis Cured in 2 Weeks

Nancy talks about how she reversed her Polymyalgia Rheumatica through diet by eating foods provided by the Macro-Mediterranean healthy meal delivery service.

She explains how the chronic arthritis pain she had been suffering from for years went away within the first two weeks of eating Macro-Mediterranean.

Diabetes Reversed In 6 Months

George discusses with us his first 10 days receiving meal delivery and how he lost 11 lbs.

George is a Type II diabetic and he also was surprised to find that from day 1 his blood glucose levels were not only consistently well inside doctor recommended safety zones (a new experience for him), but were lower than he has ever seen during his 12 years of trying to use diet change to help control his diabetes.

See George's timeline of improvement, click here!

Metabolic Syndrome, Weight-Loss, Cholesterol, BP, Energy, Sugar Cravings, And Skin Better In 4 Weeks

Leanne speaks to her experience of the many health improvements commonly attributed to adopting a Macro-Mediterranean way of eating for a one month health study.

She talks about her improved energy, ease losing weight, significantly lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, better concentration and energy, more radiant skin and also shares some gained insight into "aging well" that came with her first 4 weeks of Macro-Mediterranean Meal Delivery.

From Depression To Hope

Debra started eating Macro-Mediterranean having a history of serious depression. She also has Type II Diabetes.

In this short video she describes how 10 days participating in the Macro-Mediterranean "Yes You Can" Study has provided health improvements and given her a new outlook for the future.

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