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Nationwide Fresh Delivery

Macro-Mediterranean is a both a fresh meal delivery service and a frozen meal delivery service depending on your location and desired shipping method. Whenever possible we do not freeze our meals for delivery and they are prepared to order each week before they leave our location near Boston, MA. Shipments going to the Western half of the USA can be frozen in order to send them via economical ground shipping but express air shipment is also available upon request to be able to receive a fresh shipment in these areas as well.

All our meals are delivered nationwide via FedEx.

All Our Deliveries Are Carbon Neutral
We participate in a carbon-free offset program to ensure that the impact of all our deliveries is offset at minimum. We also overestimate our impact and do not take into account initiatives by FedEx to offset their own emissions to ensure we always meet or exceed our commitment to providing carbon neutral delivery. For more information about our participation in this program please visit our carbon neutral faq section.

Nationwide FRESH FOOD Shipping
We have a nationwide ground and air shipping service available via FedEx. We recommend using ground service with FedEx whenever possible to minimize delivery costs.

Our main market areas for shipped meals are Boston and the rest of New England, New York City & the Tri-State area, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Chicago, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina as these areas can generally receive a ground shipment within 1-2 business days (pink and blue zones). We have also now expanded our RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS ONLY fresh food ground service delivery to service 3 day shipping areas indicated in the map above (deliveries arrive on Saturdays to this area and cannot be delivered to commercial addresses that are closed on Saturdays - orange zone). Please also note that there are some rural areas in the orange zone that FedEx will not deliver to on a Saturday. If you are in one of those areas you can request for your package to be held at the closest FedEx location to you for pickup.

Please note that if you want a fresh food shipment but cannot receive a ground shipment within two days from Boston, MA (or three days to a residential address) you must request 1-2 day air shipping to ensure your delivery arrives in good condition. Otherwise your meals will be shipped frozen.

Central and Western USA FROZEN FOOD Ground Shipments
If you are located in an area of Central or Western USA that we cannot reach with a fresh ground shipment but you cannot, or do not wish to pay for air shipping, we can reach all but the most remote areas of the continental USA via a frozen ground shipment. When you create your account we assume that you would prefer ground shipping to air shipping unless you specifically request air shipping. We will contact you with an air shipping quote upon request or if you require delivery to an area that can only be serviced via an air shipment (examples are Hawaii, Alaska and remote areas of the Western USA).

Understanding Shipping Charges
Ground shipping charges are quoted when placing an order. If you request air shipping we will provide you with an estimate for your approval. The difference between the ground shipping charge and the air shipping will then be charged based on the exact weight of your package when it goes out. This means that air shipping estimates will not be exact and can vary slightly from the real cost at the time of shipment.

Hilaria & Alec Baldwin

Alec & Hilaria Baldwin Love Macro-Mediterranean Meals!

The food at Macro-Mediterranean is not only delicious, but it nurtures our bodies, keeping us looking and feeling good. It really is the most intelligent way to eat.. lots of whole grains, veggies and good proteins. Eating the Macro-Mediterranean way has been key to Alec's weight-loss.. Read More
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More Testimonials

Arthritis Cured in 2 Weeks

Nancy talks about how she reversed her Polymyalgia Rheumatica through diet by eating foods provided by the Macro-Mediterranean healthy meal delivery service.

She explains how the chronic arthritis pain she had been suffering from for years went away within the first two weeks of eating Macro-Mediterranean.

Diabetes Reversed In 6 Months

George discusses with us his first 10 days receiving meal delivery and how he lost 11 lbs.

George is a Type II diabetic and he also was surprised to find that from day 1 his blood glucose levels were not only consistently well inside doctor recommended safety zones (a new experience for him), but were lower than he has ever seen during his 12 years of trying to use diet change to help control his diabetes.

See George's timeline of improvement, click here!

Metabolic Syndrome, Weight-Loss, Cholesterol, BP, Energy, Sugar Cravings, And Skin Better In 4 Weeks

Leanne speaks to her experience of the many health improvements commonly attributed to adopting a Macro-Mediterranean way of eating for a one month health study.

She talks about her improved energy, ease losing weight, significantly lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, better concentration and energy, more radiant skin and also shares some gained insight into "aging well" that came with her first 4 weeks of Macro-Mediterranean Meal Delivery.

From Depression To Hope

Debra started eating Macro-Mediterranean having a history of serious depression. She also has Type II Diabetes.

In this short video she describes how 10 days participating in the Macro-Mediterranean "Yes You Can" Study has provided health improvements and given her a new outlook for the future.

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