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Macro-Mediterranean meals!

Our unique whole-food vegan recipe video service will be launching at the beginning of next year. We will be teaching the recipe system featured in our national meal delivery service that ran from 2009 – 2019. Join our waiting list above to be the first to be notified and qualify for special pre-launch offers!

Thank you for 10 fulfilling years of Macro-Mediterranean! It has been an honor and a blessing to see so many of you achieve better health with our meal delivery service!

We never imagined that what initially launched as a one-month medical study of our meals in January 2009 would take us on such a wonderful journey that would span the next 10 years of our lives!

As you may know, we stopped the meal delivery service in August 2019, and now with all the experience gained, we are moving on to a new chapter for Macro-Mediterranean.

The first thing we want to do is to show you how you can easily make our Macro-Mediterranean diet meals at home for yourself and your family!  

Now you can learn the secrets behind the meals we offered in the meal delivery service that helped so many people report achieving such success with their health and weight-loss goals, and that have kept our own family in exceptional health since we began developing this way of eating over 20 years ago.*

Our new instructional plant-based recipe video service will be launching in January 2020. To be the first to be a part of it please join our waiting list above.

Maria and Jeremy

P.S. Here are a few screenshots from one of our new, easy to follow, recipe tutorial videos to give you an idea of what is on the way:

*Disclaimer: Our intention is to provide a helpful service for clients who would like to easily experience eating a Macro-Mediterranean Plant-Based diet and see if it may provide them with any personal benefit. Our programs are designed to facilitate approaches that have provided a benefit reported to us by specific clients in the past, however, everyone's body is different and can react differently to new diets and new foods. We want to inform you that we cannot guarantee any specific results when using our services and that results may vary.